The Low Grade Gamer is now iDigital Games

We have an announcement! The Low Grade Gamer is changing we have officially changed our name to iDigital Games and as our name suggests means moving forward we will only stock Digital Games in our product line up.

What this means for existing customers. Your account and all your info are still fully intact on our website. You can use the same Login with no changes whatsoever. 

So what does this mean if you have an order pending with us? It means if you have a preorder or a stock order that can only be fulfilled after 31/01/2022 we will be refunding this amount to you as soon as possible. Once a refund has taken place on our end you will receive an email to notify you that we have started the refund process.  

Exempt from the cut off date are customers who have a split preorder eg: Ordered 2 items that are different preorder dates and one has already been fulfilled the other will be fulfilled ASAP. 

Gaming Chairs are also exempt from the date cut off. 

What happens to your reward points? Your reward points will remain although we are changing over to a new system while we do this it means you may see a lower points balance for a short period while we manually adjust this. 

To any customers that this inconveniences we are truly sorry but this change is required for the longevity of the business. We appreciate your understanding at this time.